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Romney Health Reforms for Middle Class

By September 8, 2012

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11 million uninsured Americans came from the middle class, or nearly a quarter of the nation's total uninsured and under ObamaCare most would achieve coverage through health insurance exchanges.

Most middle-class Americans - nearly three out of four - are insured through their employers, according to the report. For the one out of four who are not, it's become more and more expensive to buy health insurance on their own. Between 2000 and 2008, health insurance premiums grew three times as fast as wage increases and because of that employer-based coverage has dropped from 68% of Americans to just 60% over that timeframe.

Romney reforms

One reform promoted by Romney would be to allow people to buy insurance in other states but that might dilute strong insurance standards and create a "race to the bottom.

"I want these individuals and businesses to be able to buy insurance across state lines to get the best deal they can get anywhere in the country," Romney said in a speech in June in Florida.

Romney's website outlines other reforms: Allowing individuals and businesses to buy insurance as a group to get more bargaining power, for example, and allowing money in health savings accounts to be used towards purchasing premiums.

In 2006, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed into law a health care plan that, like Obamacare, provides subsidies for purchasing health care. While running


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