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How to Start a Career as an Insurance Agent or Broker


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Research, Review, and Self-Assess
How to Start a Career as an Insurance Agent or Broker

Self assessment


If you have a knack for working with diverse groups of people, enjoy listening, and working on solutions to sometimes intricate problems and issues, then a career in insurance sales may be for you. Understanding your own personality and what you enjoy most is key. Those who excel as insurance agents thrive on helping others and enjoy meeting new and intersting people where every new day is different than the previous one.


To fully assess the appropriateness of a career in insurance sales individuals should research the field thoroughly. That means talking to insurance professionals one-on-one to learn what the work is really like.


Individuals should carefully review which insurers have current opportunities available and try to determine if that company's culture and standing in the industry meets their needs and criteria. Again, try to discuss individual companies with people in the industry to gauge if it is a good match for what you're looking for.

Not only should individuals review possible employers, but also take a close look at requirements of the career of insurance sales. What are the licensing requirements in your state, what are the continuing education requirements, and do you have legal issues in your past that preclude you from obtaining an insurance license?


As I've stressed, at every turn in the process individuals need to assess their strengths and if the insurance sales career is a match with those strenghts. Individuals also need to ensure they look at companies that pique their interest, offer a culture they're in tune with, and if their market matches the individual's strenghts.

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