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How to Start a Career as an Insurance Agent or Broker


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Network, Network, Network
How to Start a Career as an Insurance Agent or Broker



One key to successful insurance sales involves the ability and comfort level to talk and to network and meet as many new people as possible to build references. Creating and maximizing contacts to build referrals and relationships is absolutely essential to increasing insurance sales.

Leaving no stone unturned in prospecting is important, but that dilligence must begin before the sales process even starts with that first client. Marketing is important also, but equally important is building an effective and massive network.

Also, do not overlook the power and influence of social media. Social media now is everywhere, and that's precisely where a new insurance agent seeking contacts needs to be. Create a Facebook page, create a Linked-in profile, and look at starting a Twitter account. Then link them all together and create resources and information that potential clients will be drawn to. Next, encourage your first contacts in that new network you've created to introduce you to others and build an electronic refferal tree.

A key step to building a successful insurance sales practice is building the network of contacts that later on will provide referrals and contacts that lead to sales. So how does an individual expand that network outside the traditional box? Look at joining insurance associations in your local area, join the chamber of commerce, join volunteer business oriented groups like the Rotary, the Jaycees, or the United Way. Another possibility is to sponsor a local youth sports team by funding their jerseys and getting your insurance business name on the jerseys of 5-10 year-olds in your comnmunity. In short, don't overlook any opprtunity to create relationships and build the name recognition of your brand.

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