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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


A guide for insurance professionals, agents, and brokers on the implementation of the PPACA including the regulatory impact on health plans, agents and brokers, and your clients. Understanding how the legislation is implemented and its impact on businesses and the tax credits they may qualify for is essential. Understanding the mad rush that has taken place within the industry to implement the PPACA is also important. Helping business owners through these complexities is our common goal.
  1. PPACA Regulations
  2. State Implementation Specifics
  3. Implementing Health Insurance Exchanges
  4. CO-OP Plans
  5. Agent / Broker PPACA Resources

PPACA Regulations

The PPACA is transforming the provision of small group and individual health nsurance. The PPACA's impact began immediately in 2010 with the elimination of pre-existing conditions for children and expansion of dependent coverage to age 26. Moving into 2011 there are changes related to flexible spending reimbursement, medical loss ratio implementation, and Medicare preventive coverage improvements. Keeping on top of these regulatory changes is essential to navigate the new health insurance landsacpe and properly advise customers and clients.

State Implementation Specifics

With the enactment of the PPACA numerous states are taking innovative and unique approaches to the health insurance exchanges, medical loss ratios and other issues. This section dives into those issues to provide state-specific resources for those who need to be in-the-know.

Implementing Health Insurance Exchanges

States are feverishly planning and developing their information technology infrastructures in building the state-based health insurance exchanges. While the HIE's will not be operational until 2014, planning and decision-making is occuring now. States must demonstrate to the federal government their readiness for HIE operation in January 2013 or the feds will do it for them. Learn how states are planning and implementing the HIE's now so that you can take full advantage when the time comes.

CO-OP Plans

These articles detail the development and implementation of Consumer Oriented and Operated (CO-OP) Plans under the PAPCA which provide a consumer focused, less expensive health insurance alternative.

Agent / Broker PPACA Resources

Essential resource for insurance agents and brokers on the myriad of issues they face in the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). From changes regarding the medical loss ratio calculation's impact on commissions to their role in health insurance exchanges these are the details insurance agents and brokers need.

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