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Insurance: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Overview of Top Insurance Designations
Document provides overview of leading industry designations in each of the health life and property casualty lines of business
Commercial Liability Exclusions Detailed
Article detailing commercial liability exclusions.
Women are Not Buying Enough Life Insurance
Article on Women and Life Insurance Sales
IRS Sets 2013 HSA Contribution Limits
IRS Announces 2013 HSA Limits. Insurance.
Leading Worker's Comp Insurer Since 1911
article profiling Wausau Insurance- America’s Largest Workers’ Compensation Insurer and innovator since the inception of workers' compensation insurance in 1911
HSA's and the Affordable Care Act
Article detailing the impact on HSA by the passage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.
1 in 14 Physicians Sued Each Year
Article concerning how 1 in 14 physicians is sued each year
Variable Annuities: Pros and Cons
Variable Annuities: Pros and Cons
Annuities and Taxes
Annuities and Taxes. Insurance.
Cyber Insurance Coverage Decision Points
Article detailing Cyber Insurance Coverage Decision Points
Small Business Insurance Owner's Policies
Small Business Insurance Owner's Policies
Comparing Critical Illness Plans to Life...
Aticle Comparing Critical Illness Plans to Life Insurance
Uninsured Healthcare Tab- \$49 Billion Annually
Article describing the U.S. uninsured Healthcare Tab- $49 Billion Annually.
Health Insurance Exchange 101
Article describing the basics of the state implementation of Health Insurance Exchange as they gear up for operation in 2014.
Aflac: The Number 1 Supplemental Insurer
Profile of America's largest disability income insurer in premium and members covered
Insurance Meet Technology
Technology is impacting the insurance industry through new gadgets, software advances, increasing processing speeds and consumers’ appetite for faster and more efficient communication.
Commercial Property Insurance Claims Can Be a...
Commercial Property Insurance Claims Can Be a Risk
The Six Components of Auto Insurance
Article identifying the Six Components of Auto Insurance
Grandfathered Plans
Definition of grandfathered health plans and requirements under the newly passed health care reform legislation PPACA Affordable Care Act
Farmers Insurance Rebranding Focuses on...
Article profiling Farmers Insurance and its unique marketign campaign portraying itself as a leader in insurance innovation and education of its egents.
Freedom Health: America's Fastest Growing Insurer
Profile of America's fastest growing health insurer, designated by Inc. Magazine in its Inc. 500 publication, fast premium growth
Homeowner's Insurance Glossary
Glossary item providing information on key homeowner's policy key terms terminology understanding fire damage deductible premium coverage building and contents coverage explained actual cash value replacement cost value
State Health Insurance Exchange Status Update
Article on state implementations of health insurance exchanges
Employer Requirements Under ObamaCare
Employer Requirements Under ObamaCare
Self-funding Health Insurance-- Is it a Cure...
Case study on cost savings achieved by employer who self-funds health insurance for 125 employees achieving huge cost savings versus traditional health insurance
Primer on Annuities and Taxes
Article describing tax implications, rules, and penalties of annuity's.
Disability Insurance Decision Points
Article on key variables and decision points in determing disability insaurance plans best fit for specific clients
CO-OP Plans: The ACA's Public Plan Alternative
Co-ops the public option alternative within the Affordable Care Act
State Farm: Innovation from the Start
State Farm insurance company profile
With Auto Insurance, Mayhem May or May Not be...
Details on mayhem coverage. Insurance.
Farmers Eyes Aggressive Growth for Eastern U.S.
Farmers Group of Insurance Companies is engaged in efforts to aggressively grow its business in the Eastern U.S., with a focus on as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and upstate New York.
Immediate Income Annuity 101
Article explaining the immediate income life annuity product
Details on readability issues with insurance...
Article detailing readability issues with insurance policies and state regulatory readability requirements
Disability Definition Benefit Options
Glossary of key terms related to disability income insurance and disability definitions that serve as the basis for insurance benefits
Blues Move to Expand Medicaid Presence
Article describing Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans effort to increase presence in Medicaid market.
Seniors Benefit from Critical Illness Coverage
Seniors Benefit from Critical Illness Coverage
Northwestern Mutual Leads in Long-Term Value
Article concerning Northwestern Mutual leadership in long-term value
Disputed Commercial Property Claims Issues...
Article concerning disputed commercial property claims issues following a recent tornado loss
Company Health Plans Raising Costs for Smokers,...
Article on how employer's are charging employees who smoke or are obese more in health premiums.
Marijuana Insurance Regulation in Washington Hazy
The Washington state government is working to put in place regulations for its newly emerging marijuana sales industry.
New York Life Insurer Profile
Article providing a profile of New York Life Insurance company, its history, products, vital statistics, and financial health.
Defined Contribution Plans a Growing Trend
Article on how Defined Contribution Plans are a Growing Trend
Health Insurance Designations
Article on Health Insurance Designations
Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Policies...
Article on long term care insurance partnership policies
Creating a Market Niche
Once you have identified the niche in the insurance market that you want to exploit and fill like no other then it is important to identify the means to establish your espertise, market that expertise, and maintain and enhance that expertise. Page 2.
Crop Insurance Coverage Details
Crop Insurance Coverage Basics
Types of Annuity Products
Types of Annuity Products. Insurance.
10% of Large Employers May Drop 2014 Health...
Article regarding 2014 employer health care decision-making.
Insurance Outsourcing Trend to Keep Rising
Article on the continuing rise of insurance outsourcing.
Workers Comp & NFL Concussion Lawsuits
Insurance Issues & NFL Concussion Lawsuits
Pay as You Drive Auto Insurance Explained
Article describing Pay as You Drive Auto Insurance discount program
Bloom Health Launches Two Private Health...
Article about Bloom Health's launch of two new private health exchanges
Insurance for Home-based Businesses
Insurance for Home-based Businesses
Wellness 101
Article on the bisuness case of implementing worksite wellness programs.
What is an Essential Benefit?
What is an Essential Benefit? Insurance.
Professional Liability Insurance Details
Article on E and O insurance
How Does Your Agent E & O Coverage Stack Up?
This article asks agents How Does Your Agent E & O Coverage Stack Up?
Earthquake Insurance 101
Article describing earthquake insurance coverage in the wake of devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Health Insurance Rebate Analysis
Health Insurance Rebate Analysis
Worksite Wellness Shows Solid Return on...
Article on worksite wellness programs and evidence showing their strong return on investment
Specific Readability Concerns
Specific Readability Concerns. Insurance. Page 2.
Medicare Reform Proposals Analyzed
Article analyzing Medicare reform proposals
Survey: Insurance Fraud Expected to Rise
A survey issued by FICO shows 57 percent of U.S. and Canadian insurers say personal lines insurance fraud losses will rise further in 2013, while roughly half say they expect fraud losses to rise further in commercial lines as well.
Interstate Health Insurance Sales Analysis
Article analyzing the effects of allowing interstate sale and purchase of health insurance.
How Readable Should Insurance Policies Be?
Article on the appropriate readability level of insurance policies
The Post-Reform Broker
Article on advancing as a broker in the post-reform marketplace
Critical Illness Insurance Primer
Article explaining Critical Illness Insurance
Canadian Health Spending Account Primer
Article on Canadian style Health Spending Accounts
Insuring Real Estate Investments
Insurance agents can help educate real estate investors about products, whch include landlord dwelling offerings.
Mercer Report Details Employer Health Spending...
Article detailing Mercer survey report on employer health spending trends
Federal Health Insurance Exchange Guidelines...
Artucke discussing new Federal Health Insurance Exchange Guidelines.
Indexed Annuities See Record Sales Increase
Article on record-setting sales year in 2010 for indexed annuities.
Supervisor Revenge a Workplace Liability Risk
Workplace Retaliation an Increasing Insurance Liability
Where Are Car Insurance Premiums Highest?
Article on where car insurance premiums are the highest?
Life Insurance: Keys that May Close More Sales
Article detailing keys to expanded life insurance sales due to value-added items that agents and brokers should emphasize.
How to Start a Career as an Insurance Agent or...
One key to successful insurance sales involves the ability to talk and to network and meet as many new people as possible to build references. Page 2.
When Do Owners Need Business Interruption...
Article analyzing when Owners Need Business Interruption Insurance?
What Team Do You Need?
Article concerning the processes following a significant insured commercial property loss, how does the insurance claim process work? Page 2.
Agents Harmed by New Crop Insurance Regs
Article on 2011 crop insurance regulations and their impact on agents and brokers.
Comparison of the ACA and the Republican Common...
Article analyzing and comparing the U.S. Affordable Care Act and the Republican alternative the Common Sense Healthcare Reform and Affordability Act? In-depth comparison of the two bills.
UnitedHealth Sues Over Lost TRICARE Contract
Article describing lawsuit brought by UnitedHealth against U.S. government for award made to Humana
Medical Liability Insurers Face Tough...
After some good years, medical professional liability insurers can expect profitability to deteriorate over the next three years.
Seven Funded CO-OP Plans Named by CMS
Seven Funded CO-OP Plans Named by CMS
The Employer Comparative Effectiveness Research...
Article explaining the new comparative effectiveness research fee mandated on employers.
Corporations Take Healthcare Into Own Hands
Article on big corporations who are taking the lead in the provision of healthcare through development of their own clinics.
Small Business Tax Credits Under the ACA Examined
Article reviewing the impact of small business tax credits under the ACA examined
Intro to Chinese Insurance Regulation
Intro to Chinese Insurance Regulation
Nevada's New Captive Law Will Attract Companies...
Article on Nevada's attempt to attract new insurers to the state with new captive law.
American Family Tops with Auto Insurance...
Article on American Family's rating as top auto insurer in customer satisfaction according to J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey.
State Status on Health Insurance Exchanges
Article describing the staus of states on implementing Health Insurance Exchanges
Effects of Health Plan Consolidation
Article detailing the effects of health plan vonsolidation
Travel Insurance Primer
Article providing Travel Insurance Primer
Tax Reform from Congress a Concern for...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Democrats and
AmWINs a Leader in Wholesale Insurance Industry
Article profiling AmWINs as a leader in wholesale insurance industry in the areas of group nemnefits and property and casualty products.
Health Insurance Exchange Development Models...
Article describing the four types of Health Insurance Exchange Models that are emerging as states comply with the PPACA
Retail Health Clinics and Insurance
Article concerning retail health clinics and insurance ramifications.
How Ryan's Medicare Vouchers Might Work
How Ryan's Medicare Vouchers Might Work
Few Takers of Health Reform Tax Credit
Few Takers of Health Reform Tax Credit
Domestic Medical Tourism: A New Trend
Artricle on new health care and health insurance trend: Domestic Medical Tourism
List of insurance career sites
List of career and employment opportunity sites nationwide available for insurance professionals from agent to underwriter
October is National Cyber Security Awareness...
October is National Security Cyber Awareness Month, which will hopefully lead more people to have greater concern about the risk in their lives.
Common Job Search Mistakes detailed
Article listing common job search mistakes details and comments related to the insurance industry added
Pet Insurance Essentials
Pet Insurance Essentials
Transamerica Bullish on Voluntary Benefits
Article on Voluntary benefits & the Supreme Court Ruling
What Drives Long-term Care Insurance Sales?
Article on primary drivers of Long-term Care Insurance Sales?
ACO Initiatives Take Flight
Article on 2011 new trend, ACO Initiatives Take Flight
Alternative Health Exchanges Being Developed
Article describing new healtrh insurance exchange development for competition with state-based exchanges being developed under the PPACA.
Disability Income Insurance
Disability Income step by step guide. Page 3.
The Value of Voluntary Benefit Couponing
Article on Voluntary benefits couponing and its value for employees.
Study Ranks Top Auto Insurers in Customer Service
Study Ranks Top Insurers in Customer Service
Domestic Partner Benefits the Next Mandate?
Article detailing whether domestic partner benefits are the next mandate
Business Insurance Glossary
Business Insurance Glossary
Next Battle: Health Insurance Exchange Rules
Next Battle: Health Insurance Exchange Rules
Disability Income Insurance Trends
Article describing new disability income insurance trends
Small Business & Stop Loss Coverage
Small Business & Stop Loss Coverage
Reinsurance Primer
Article describing the basics of Reinsurance in the property/ casualty sector of the industry.
Unreasonable Rate Hike Rule Released
Article on new rules by the Department of Health and Human Services on the unreasonable rate hike review rules recently released
Climate Change and Property Cassualty Risk
Article on potential climate change impact on property casualty insurance
Building a Prototype Health Insurance Exchange
Article on Wisconsin's effort in Operationalizing a Key Element of Health Care Reform and its federal grant application to be an early innovator in health insurance exchange development
Will PPACA Provide Incentives to Drop Health...
Article detailing how the PPACA might provide incentives to drop health coverage
Workers' Compensation Programs at a Turning Point
Workers' Compensation programs appear to be at a key turning point as the industry finds itself in Congress' cross-hairs, a look at the history of workers compensation the transformation of programs in the 1990's and the problems facing the industry today and a forecast of the future
Survey Finds Employers Adding Voulntary Benefits
Article on survey results showing employers adding voulntary benefits
Majority in US uninformed on PPACA
Majority in US uninformed on PPACA
Renters: An Agent’s 'Best Customer' of...
Insurance agents who ignore renters and focus solely on homeowners insurance customers are missing a chance to build long-term relationships.
Employer ACA Requirements
health care reform key terminology glossary PPACA Affordable Care Act legislation
Workers Compensation State Updates
Article onWorkers Compensation State Updates
Massachusetts Attempting Health Payment Reform
Massachusetts Attempting Health Payment Reform
Research Reveals Wide Variance in Auto Premiums
Research Reveals Wide Variance in Auto Premiums
Why Are U.S. Health Costs so High?
Article exploring why U.S. Health Costs are so High?
How Hawaii Benefits from Health Reform
Article on how Hawaii is benefiting from Health care Reform payment initiatives
LTCI Inflation Options
Article about Long-term Care Insurance Inflation Options
You Need a Roadmap
Article concerning the processes following a significant insured commercial property loss, how does the insurance claim process work? Page 3.
HSA Hsitory and Enrollment
This article describes and provides examples of changes to health savings accounts (HSA) under the Affordable Care Act, health care reform passed in March, 2010.
Pay as You Drive Auto Insurance
Article describing new auto insurance coverage based on the amount and how safe people drive their cars.
Mini-Med's Thriving in Reform Era
Mini-Med's Thriving in Reform Era
Irene Losses Largely Uncovered
Article detailing how Hurricane Irene losses are largely uncovered
Wisconsin Weighs Health Insurance Exchange...
Wisconsin: Battleground of HIX Development
Developing Additional Revenue Streams
Property and Casualty alternate revenue streams. Page 2.
Disability Insurance Costs Rising
Article describing rising costs of disability insurance
Consumer Directed Plan Savings Detailed
Consumer Directed Plan Savings Detailed
A New Era of P&C Risk?
Article identifies a New Era of P&C Risk
9/11 Changed Insurance Sector Forever
Article on how 9/11 changed insurance sector forever
Sebelius Decision Aids Obama Re-election
Sebelius Decision Aids Obama Re-election
Producer Commissions and the MLR Dabate
Article discussing producer commissions and the Medical Loss Ratio Dabate
Medical Loss Ratios- State Impacts
Analysis of the impact of the medical loss ratio rules under the Affordable Care Act in various states
National Flood Insurance Program Extended
National Flood Insurance Program Extended one year federal flood insurance program requirements extended article providing details on federal program extension
Medical Malpractice Reform Proposal
Article providing a primer on Medical Malpractice Reform.
Social Security Insolvent in 2017
Article on Social Security's projected insolvency by 2017.
Additional Insurance Related Resources
Resource list of additional valuable websites related to the insurance industry
Eligibility and the Individual Mandate
Eligibility and the Individual Mandate

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